Official brand ambassador of DANIEL SMITH, USA
Present of IWS California USA
Representative of USA for IrbinoInAcquerello, Italy

Stella Canfield’s art is known for its deep emotional content, the dynamic of the brush stroke and vivacious colors. She creates intuitively and spontaneously in a relaxed, natural way of expressing her individual emotional response to the subject or scene she paints. Her work is charged with the energy of her own life, her passion for people and nature. The inspiration for Stella’s art comes from her appreciation of beauty and her positive view of the world. Stella prefers to introduce symbols, giving the viewers the opportunity to visualize the details. This way she strives to emotionally involve them as partners, to give them a feeling of the ownership of the painting. She believes that art is a way of spiritual communication.

Stella was born in Varna, Bulgaria and graduated from the Academy of Sports in Sofia. In 1980 she left illegally her country to escape the oppressive communistic regime. She lived for five years in Germany and moved to the USA in 1985. For the last few years she divides their time between Bulgaria and California, USA.

Stella dedicated the first 30 thirty years of her life to the sports world and was well respected as a national rower. In Germany she worked in ceramics which laid the foundation of her artistic career. Having loved watercolors since her childhood, she becomes an avid student of the medium. Supported tirelessly by her best friend and husband Michael, she travels endlessly to take watercolor classes, seminars and conferences. Stella is a student of many of the best watercolor artists in the USA such as Milford Zornes, Serge Hollerbach, Carla O’Connor, Frank Webb, the legend Robert Wade, Australia and many others. She participates in many juried exhibits where she has received numerous prestigious awards. Stella teaches watercolor classes in the USA and Europe.

In 1998 Stella opened her own gallery in the town she lived, Coupeville, Washington (noted in the publications of “The 100 Best Small Towns in the USA”). In 2000 Stella founded “Stellar Arts Foundation”, an educational and charitable non-profit organization dedicated to help orphaned and abandoned children in Bulgaria. The foundation conducted painting tours for American artists who visit and recreate in their art the beauty of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Georgia, Switzerland. Stella also founded the “Bulgaria Art Workshops”, an art retreat in the village of Barzitsa, in her native Bulgaria where she spends half of the year’s time.

Since 2001 Stella has been invited to teach at “Daniel Smith”, the most prestigious company in the USA for producing the finest paints. The company purchased one of her paintings for its permanent collection and included her DVD “Debunking the Myth of Talent” (a two hour film of Stella painting a Prague street scene) in their stores for sale. In 2018 Stella was awarded the title “Master” of the International Watercolor Society/IWS Globe, an organization which is involving already more than 110 countries. She actively participates in their exhibitions. She has received awards at the shows of IWS Pakistan, Prague/Czech Rep, Costa Rica, India and Malaysia. Stella is one of the jurors of the IWS Bulgaria. In 2020 she found IWS California USA, a non-profit organization part of IWS Globe and presented its first international onlain exhibition “Brushstrokes of Harmony”.

Stella is official brand ambassador of DANIEL SMITH. She is recently honored by the company with two Stella Canfield’s Artist Master Sets of her favorite colors which are distributed around the world’s art suppliers. She is also included in In the Artists’ Studio, one on one YouTibe video interviews with the CEO of Daniel Smith, John Cogley. Stella Canfield ’s paintings can be found in several corporate, private and museum collections in America, Europe and Asia. Characteristic of Stella’s work and her place in the American Art is included in “Watercolor – The Spirit of Spontaneity” a book by Karlyn Holman Her biography is included in “Who is Who in America” and “Who is Who in American Women”.

For more information: Facebook: stella.canfield, Instagram: stellacanfield,


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