When I was nine, walking home from school, I looked up at the clouds. Suddenly they parted, and a shaft of sunlight cascaded down to the earth. It was indescribably beautiful, and I was transfixed in awe. I raced home, got out the paints, and tried to reproduce the magic I had witnessed. My mother told me later she thought I had seen an angel. My fused glass artwork is inspired by nature and its beautiful wonders. I take influence from the natural world and my passion for biology, and explore that in my work through texture, color, and depth. I enjoy playing with the many ways I can create with glass, making both functional and decorative works of art. My starscapes explore the night sky, using space telescope images for inspiration, while my other pieces seek to magnify the beauty of the natural world through glass. From specks of color that drift in the glass to stark contrasts that add depth, my works of art invite people to explore its many delights. I invite you to connect to your own sense of wonder through my fused glass creations.

Cosmic Cliffs

Flower Garden

Hubble Nebulae

9 inch Rainbow Platter

5 inch Spiral Galaxy

Seattle Night Sky