Lori Humphrey, a native Californian, lives in the beautiful Gold Country of Northern California. She specializes in creating whimsical and colorful mosaics using glass, tile and ceramic. Lori is drawn to florals and color in her work and enjoys brightening up a room with the fun, yet realistic mosaics that capture the light and shine.

Lori enjoys creating tribute guitars to memorialize musical artists and their songs. She has created many guitars including the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John, David Bowie & Elvis and takes on special requests to create a forever memory of artists that have special meaning to others.

Pet portraits are created to capture the feeling of those specially loved 4-legged friends and connect emotionally with the owner. Lori has always had dogs and can’t imagine life without them, so her bond with animals shows through her creations.

Creating 3-D, window and wall mosaics, Lori’s work can be seen in several galleries and has shipped world-wide. She happily accepts commissions.

Email: [email protected] Phone: 530-913-3544 Facebook & Instagram: Art by Lori Humphrey

Free and Easy



Beatles Abbey Road

Rolling Stones Tribute Guitar

Elton John Tribute Guitar

Hooty Owl

Dancing in the Moonlight


Aspen Grove