Since she was a child, Eileen has been making art as a way of exploring the world around her. From those first woven potholders and a crayon obsession to her current love of metal and ceramic, Eileen is always trying something new, pushing the limits of what she’s mastered and what she can learn.

Words were her medium through much of her life. Publishing poems in her teens, Eileen went on to work in the wild world of advertising writing television and radio commercials for national brands. All the while, she was absorbing everything she could about music, graphic art, lighting and film production.

She dove head first into photography. Spending countless hours in the black and white darkroom working with 4” x 5” negatives. Finally graduating to the full darkness of color developing. There was also a collage period that resulted in pieces with bold graphic images and poems, poems, poems. “Melding together what I know with what I am learning has always drawn me,” Eileen explains. “How do I take what I know and build on it in a new medium?”

Falling in love with the big flames of welding, Eileen has lately explored working with larger metal pieces as well as making metal jewelry. A foray into polymer clay preceeded her entrance into working with clay: slab building, throwing and sculpting.

As for what’s next, Eileen says she’s still looking for some way to weave it all together.