I have lived in California my whole life, mostly in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. I love making all kinds of art including painting, ceramics, drawing, pyrography and recently scratch art. My main focus is pyrography, with scratch-art to add some variety. The techniques for scratch-art and pyrography are actually very similar and I enjoy doing both. I am self taught at both my art genres, which is part of the challenge for me. Pyrography literally means ‘writing with fire”. I sketch an image on a piece of wood and then burn the image into the wood using my pen-tip burner. Scratch-art is using sharp tools to scratch the image on a piece of clayboard which has a thin layer of black ink over a white clayboard. I use inks on both my pyrography and scratch-board artwork to enhance the image. Each piece is unique and special to me and no two pieces are the same. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed making it.